ATMONDAY28 | DIGITAL NOTEBOOK (happy 3 colors)


Digital Notebook that comes in a unique website theme!
You can design the cover as you like, just like designing your own website!

There are 99 pages in total. (including cover page, index page, free sticker page)
– Divided into 8 sub-chapters, each chapter consists of 10 pages. (Excluded the last page and cover of each chapter.)
– The last page of each chapter can be used to add stickers or else.
– You can change the paper into 3 patterns (Blank, Line, and Grid) by pressing the icon.
– We use only 3 color tones to make this notebook look stylish and interesting.
– Hyperlink is embedded in various places on every page, making it possible to change pages easily and quickly.
– Can be used to make summaries, write notes and tasks, keep a diary, planners, etc.

There are 2 types of use you can select to purchase.
1. Open by the Goodnotes app
Received a GOOD NOTES file. (Free decorating PNG file on the last page)

2. Open by the Notability app
Received only PDF file. (No decorating PNG file)

– You can see How to use it as shown in the picture.
– For .goodnotes files, free PNG Stickers are on the last page, you can press the star-shaped Hyperlink as a shortcut to the page.

Can be used with Goodnotes and Notability.

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